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Conveniently located in Central Florida, we're positioned to provide excellent heating and air conditioning service to you. We are the HVAC contractor near you!

Is your air conditioner leaking? Thermostat not working? Air Conditioner just not cooling? Ice on your Air Conditioner? Does it sound like your air conditioning unit is sucking water through a straw?.

Call Home Master Air now at 407-453-0071 for a free air conditioning unit replacement estimate or a low-cost maintenance service visit, provided by Central Florida's best team of fast, reliable, and dedicated service personnel!

Want to improve your indoor air quality? We're here to help!

We don't just provide air conditioning service, or air conditioner replacements - we can also help with all your indoor air quality (IAQ) needs. See options.
Use Aprilaire filtration systems for CLEANER air! Are you looking for Aprilaire indoor air quality products, including Aprilaire replacement filters? We are your local Aprilaire dealer!

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When system replacement is needed, We're here for you.

Delivering quality products and top quality craftmanship, we will replace individual components or your whole heating/air conditioning system with no worries for you.

DID YOU KNOW? Helpful facts

By regularly servicing your air conditioning system, you may be able to reduce your utility expense by up to $30 per month? Additionally, this can prolong the life expectancy of your air conditioning system!

If any part of your air conditioner has ice on it (unit has frozen up) - the unit should be checked ASAP! If your air handler should leak, you may end up paying to fix drywall, paint, and have mold to remove should the situation be prolonged. See what we do!

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Service Offerings

Maintenance and Minor Service


  • We perform both residential and commercial maintenance services
  • HVAC Motor replacement, capacitors and fuses, service disconnects, freon/refrigerant refills
  • Condensate line cleanout, intake cleanout (get all that dust and hair out of your system!)

Always fast service, prompt arrivals, and low prices!

Call for an appointment and free estimate or for current service call rates.

HVAC Replacement


  • Air Conditioner Replacement or Heat Pump Replacement?
  • We install all brands, but we do have recommendations and preferred HVAC systems - Trane, etc.

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As low as $1500 based on configuration

14-Point Inspection


  • Indoor and outdoor units both need inspections sometimes, we can provide you a report for your preventative maintenance needs.
  • Selling or Buying a property and need to know what you're dealing with?

Always affordable and reliable! Routine maintenance plans available, customized for you!

Starting at $59

Value, Value, Value


  • Clean professional jobsite
  • No mess for you to clean up
  • Low prices
  • Family-owned company dedicated to quality
  • Manufacturers rebates processed for you when available!

Always free!

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We deliver great value, flawless service, all at a price to fit your budget.

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